Naturalize Your Home With Wood Blinds

Naturalize Your Home With Wood Blinds

If you are thinking of adding simple but beautiful effects to your room but have a budget constraint then window blinds are what you should be looking for. Window blinds will not only change the look of you room but also will also give you privacy and allow you to control the amount of light that enters your room.

Choosing the perfect blinds for your room may be a difficult task given the innumerable options available. But if your room has wooden furniture and light warm tones then wood blinds will be the right choice. Wood blinds are available in both solid colors and wood tones. They may range from light tones to deep wood tones. Oak, maple, cherry or mahogany – choose the type that will match with your furniture.

Woods blinds add a natural feel to your room but these are the most costly among all the various types of blind available in the market. Wood blinds need proper care so that they last long and is not meant for humid conditions. They are best suited for humidity-controlled environments. However, for humid areas you can use faux wood blinds. These wood look-alikes are a combination of vinyl and wood and require less attention than real wood blinds. These can be used for your bathrooms or kitchens. They don’t tend to warp unlike blinds made of real wood and are stain resistant.

Woven wood blinds may also be an option for your rooms. These are made from wood, bamboo, grass and jute and are available in different colors, grains or textures. Woven wood blinds can be custom made to suit the requirements of the room. They give a natural and airy look to the room and can also provide protection against extreme weather conditions. Trims can be added to your blinds to add a decorative effect. Woven wood blinds has the advantage of being custom made to let the right amount of light enter the room and create the perfect ambience.

Wood blinds may be vertical or horizontal. Vertical wood blinds provide a warm and elegant look to the room. They provide more insulation than horizontal blinds as these can be opened either from one of the sides or from the middle. The size of the slats is also an important consideration. Slats come in different widths ranging from one to two or three inches and should be chosen according to the size of your windows.

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