Seth Thomas Clock

Seth Thomas Clock

Seth Thomas Clock Company is one of the most creative and long lasting clock companies in the United States. As a matter of fact, the founder of the Seth Thomas Clock Company, Seth Thomas, was a well known American clock maker in the 19th century. Seth Thomas Clock Company is the pioneer in the mass production of clocks in the United States. The excellence of Seth Thomas Clock Company has always been above the standard level.
During the 19th century, most of the clock factories in the United States have been razed by fires. However, the Seth Thomas Clock Company was fortunate enough to avoid being one of those companies. Instead, Seth Thomas Clock Company enjoyed financial stability while many of the other clock manufacturing companies suffered great financial losses.
Seth Thomas, the founder of the Seth Thomas Clock Company, was born in Wolcott, Connecticut on the year 1785. Seth Thomas entered the clock industry on 1807 under the clock maker “Eli Terry”. Seth Thomas then purchased Eli Terry’s business in 1810 but then chose to put up his partnership for sale in 1812. Seth Thomas then transferred to Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut to establish a factory that makes metal movement timepieces. Plymouth Hollow was then renamed Thomaston after the death of Seth Thomas in 1875 to honor him.
In the early years, Seth Thomas Clock Company has earned immaculate reputation for making excellently crafted grandfather clocks. Seth Thomas Clock is also famous for crafting and creating some of the most prominent tower clocks in the United States. Seth Thomas Clock Company was the maker of the clock at the “Grand Central Terminal” in New York City. Seth Thomas Clock Company is also renowned for its high quality long case clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks and table top clocks. General Time Instruments was created to merge the Seth Thomas Company and the Western Clock Company in 1930. General Time Instruments was then acquired by the Talley Industries in 1968 with the headquarters moved to Norcross, Georgia in 1979.
By June of 2001, the General Time Instruments Corporation decided to close down their operation and Seth Thomas was acquired by a corporation called the “Colibri Group”. Seth Thomas Clock Company still continues to make high quality and impressive masterpieces that have made them forefronts of the clock making industry in the 21st century.
All of the collected works, historical records, diagrams, photographs, advertisements and documents of the Seth Thomas Clock Company were purchased by the NAWCC or the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.
Most of today’s Seth Thomas’ timepieces are available at fine timepiece retailers, gifts and specialty retailers, office products distributors and many department stores.

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