What HomeBuyers Say

    What HomeBuyers Say Is A Cool & Sexy Home In 2015


Kitchen islands are getting bigger so friends can sit around and be entertained and families can share a casual meal.

Larger islands are also practical, many include recycling centers. The recycling and garbage centers, aren’t pretty but you have to put them somewhere, the new family home is about convenience, not always pretty.

Larger islands are also replacing the breakfast table. Granite is also slipping in popularity, being replaced by Quartz and Corian on countertops that may absorb food and liquids.

Stainless steel also holds a slim slice of the kitchen market.

Traditional cabinets are gone, replaced with a Shaker style that is contemporary and urban. Ecru and Grey tones are the hot colors for cabinets.

Eclectic styling is also warming up contemporary kitchens Rustic stools, matte-finished brass light fixtures and multiple work spaces and big pantries are what is in.


Natural stone is popping up in spa-inspired bathrooms and indoor hot tubs are becoming the “cool thing” to have in executive homes.

Also a natural product called Thinset is used on kitchen backsplashes and fireplaces where there is no mantel, so the fireplace is contemporary and again very simple and Zen.


Stone used in the kitchen areas are being repeated outside, connecting the two areas, says Ms. Chapman. Large windows are also connecting the spaces, while adding lots of natural light.

Lighting that floods through large windows that come down and touch the kitchen countertops, built in areas for small gardening projects is also popular, especially in warm climate states. The dedicated cooks and gardeners step out onto a back deck and down into their garden.

Are borrowed ideas from California and Florida’s pre-occupation with outdoor living and creating a private courtyard.


The homes industry has gone green, with front-loading washing machines that use a cup or two of water, low-flush toilets and low-flow showerheads. While green is good and people expect it, buyers are not willing to pay more for all the “green” amenities, exception, buyers want high-tech windows and the super-efficient HVAC and hot water heaters.


When it comes to flooring, there is no compromise. Buyers expect hardwood flooring throughout the main floor of two story homes and in the dining, study and living areas in 1 story homes, game rooms and media rooms in executive homes. Buyers continue to choose carpet for the bedrooms and tile for the bathrooms.


Smaller homes under 2500 sqft is the new “Your Cool Home” Natural light, open floor plans, outdoor living areas with room for a pool or other outdoor living such as screened in porches that have double pane windows that can be opened or closed is a recipe for the new “vacation at home” living space that is slowing inching up on all buyers home lists as fewer people have time or money for vacations away they are vacationing at home in their private paradise anytime they want. It is all about a casual lifestyle, where people like to entertain around an oversized kitchen island and look through an energy-efficient, wide, plate-glass window to a garden beyond.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               




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